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Links to science articles on honeybees

Scientists track gene activity when honey bees do and don't eat honey: Significant differences depending on diet Evolutionary history of honeybees revealed by genomics
Link between insecticides and collapse of honey bee colonies strengthened

Could spiders be the key to saving our bees?

Bees underwent mass extinction at the same time the dinosaurs did Common pesticides kill honeybee larvae
Diesel Fuel exhaust adversely affects Honeybee sense of smell Social bees mark dangerous flowers with chemical signals
Fear of predators drives bees away from food sources Common agricultural Chemicals found to impair bee health
Bees get a buzz from nectar containing caffeine Highest winter losses in recent years for Scottish honeybees
How bees detox Monitoring global bee decline
Loss of wild insects hurts crops around the world Bees under siege: ban more pesticides?
Honeybees harbor antibiotic-resistant genes Honeybee loss
Bee populations under multiple pressures  


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