Angkor Wat

and surrounding areas

a series of photographs by Lee van Laer

  Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Angkor Wat is one of the world's largest temple complexes. The surrounding area has many thousands of related structures, representing one of the most densely populated lost civilizations in the world.  Having left few written records, and few reports from outside societies about their activities or culture, it has been left to later civilizations to interpret what they can from the ruins.

   The intention of this web site is to introduce readers to a visual impression of the area. Links are provided for those who want to read about it in more detail.


Bakong is a late 9th-century temnple of considerable size.
Banteay Samre
A small late 12th century temple, fully restored
Ta Som
This unique "island" temple features many naga images.
Entwined nagas
The faint circular patterns on the back of each snake represent chakras
In this somewhat unique image, we see a spinal column carved into the back of the snake, which appears to be a reference to yogic kundalini energy practices.
One of the small shrines around the temple.


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